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One of the nicest things about the women on 60PlusMILFs is that they`re all very super-cute people. Every one of them. They`re not like those stuck-up 20somethings who think men should bow at their feet and be grateful just to be around them. They`re not hardened porn stars. No. They`re regular women who happen to have enormously high sex drives. They fuck for fun. We give them the chance to fuck for fun and money. They take it, but they`d do it just for the sex. Check out the smile on Luna`s face in this scene after JMac cums all over it. She`s a happy woman. She just got cock.

In addition to being very sexy, Luna is friendly, kind and considerate. She has a great sense of humor. She`s approachable. She said if a stud wants to meet her, he "should give me an insight into his personality."

As we`ve mentioned before, our favorite Luna story is about the time she spent two days getting her 60something pussy pounded by porn cocks in our studio then jumped into a rental car, drove up to Orlando, Florida and spent a couple of days fucking in swingers clubs.

Here, she`s a teacher. JMac is her student. He`s not doing very well in class, but is doing great at getting some mature ass. Ms. Azul sucks his cock and fucks him in her office. She performs like a sex superstar, but she`s just the doll next door...a very horny doll next door.

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