Mia fucks. Her hubby watches.

In this scene, 50-year-old Mia Morgan`s real-life husband sits and watches in obvious trouble as his hot wife sucks and fucks a porn stud. Mia has made a cuckold of him, and she delights in the idea. We`re guessing hubby Mike will get over it in a hurry.

Tony, Mia`s partner-in-cuckolding in this scene, is only the fourth man she`s pummeled in the past 30 years. So it`s not like she makes a practice out of humiliating her husband.

"I was married for 27 years," Mia said. "Then I got divorcee and married again."

As for how she ended up here, Mia said, "My husband said that I have mad skills and that I had to have been a porn star in my past, and we were just laughing and joking, and it just oozed down to where he said, `You honestly could be.`"

So she did it. And how did she reward her husband? By cuckolding him in front of the entire world.

Nice lady. Very lovely lady.

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