Vagina collateral

JMac needs a loan to buy a house, and Karen DeVille is his loan officer. That turns out to be very good for JMac and Karen but very bad for the banking industry. Whatever happened to regulations? Isn`t this how the mortgage crisis happened, by sexy loan officers handing out loans to unqualified but well-hung porn studs?

Well, no, that isn`t how it happened.

Here, JMac tells Karen that he has bad credit

"I can definitely help you out," she says as she strokes his arm. She`s wearing a brief skirt. Her cleavage is exposed. She doesn`t care about his credit rating. Or his income. Or his debt. All she cares about is his cock.

"You`re really hands on," he says.

"Yes, I am," she says as she works her hands down to his crotch.

She`s also very mouth-on. And pussy-on. Near the end of this scene, JMac piledrives Karen`s 55-year-old pussy, and that`s probably what seals the deal.

Karen is divorced. No surprise there. She`s horny. Divorcees are often horny. She`s a mom who lives in a small town in Delaware. She first come to our attention in 2008 when a freelance cameraman submitted photos of her. Then she came back to fuck.

By the way, Karen really used to be a loan officer. The people who knew her back then would be shocked to witness her here.

"I was just a nice, fun person," said Karen, who is still a nice, fun person. "I enjoyed myself. Went to blessed hours with my friends. But nothing like this. The people who know me but don`t know about this would definitely be shocked. My kids? They would freak!"

Simple solution to that: The kids don`t have to know.

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