She's the boss

In this scene, 51-year-old Annellise Croft is the boss and Tarzan is her employee. He`s been running some numbers for her. The numbers we`re interested in are 36DDD-26-36. Yeah, we know, that`s a combination of numbers and letters, but let`s not get picky.

She`s hot in the office so she takes off her jacket. She`s wearing a tight, cleavage-revealing top. Annellise asks Tarzan if he thinks her shirt is too tight. He thinks she should be modeling the shirt for sales purposes. She takes off her microskirt to show him the matching panties. Apparently, they`re in the clothing business. Annellise is interested in marketing. Tarzan is interested in fucking.

Annellise catches him staring at her nipples. "Is there a problem?" she asks. The problem is that he has a hard-on. That problem becomes an asset when Annellise sucks and pounds his hard-on then jacks it onto her pretty face.

Annellise is a busty blonde. She`s a mother and grandmother. She`s one of our favorites around here.

"I think about sex a lot these days," she said. "Watching porn, getting my nipples sucked, the list goes on. I`ve done my share of experimenting. I think my most unusual experience was a threesome with a couple in a hot tub. I love sex in hot tubs. I`m certainly an exhibitionist who absolutely enjoys to pose in front of a camera, but I had never done anything like this until I came here."

We`re very blessed she did. So is Tarzan.

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